About Us

Harnessing the potential of our participants to boost their career while facilitating traditional organizational setups to transition to various functional project work models! 

Who we are?

AxiGlobe is a top-rated certification training company offering custom learning solutions to individuals and organizations along with consulting services. We have something relevant for everyone here. You could choose to go ahead with our one-to-one tutor-guided courses that are self-paced and offers the unique opportunity to learn new job skills for growth. You can also choose to be a part of our specialized classroom sessions in the virtual medium and the real-world to acquire need-based cutting-edge knowledge and proficiency. 

Our Valuable Services

We aim at offering high-end technical professional and certification learning courses that are crucial for new-age organizations. To date, we have trained hundreds of professionals, helped them upgrade their skills, and acquire certification. Our certified trainers are industry-best and well-recognized for their practical know-how and applicability in real-world projects.

  • Classroom Teaching- In-classroom instructor-led training equipped with the latest infrastructure.

  • Online live instructor-based training- Virtual, live classes are imparted by highly experienced and trained instructors to the candidates covering course-based topics.

  • Certification from Official Bodies- Professional certification courses with certification awarded by accredited institutes.

  • High-End Assistance- Exceptional assistance in helping prepare for the certification courses from experts.

  • Consultants- We work as consultants to help organizations implement the best industry practices in real-time projects.

  • Continuous Learning- We provide you an opportunity to learn continuously and consistently and keep your knowledge and skills updated. 

Why Choose AxiGlobe?

AxiGlobe was established with the intent to spearhead a progressive knowledge-based culture in modern organizations where employee performance is based on skills relevant in real-life scenarios. On-the-job employees need to be part of a continued learning model for their individual growth as well as for organizational gains.

Hundreds of participants have put their trust in us and moved ahead in their professional arenas. Multiple corporate companies have let us hold their hands to adopt technological revolutions to gain momentum and competitive edge. 

We are:

Accredited training platform

AxiGlobe has been accredited by the Certifying Bodies to train participants for certification exams offering the highest standards of learning services.

Certified trainers who are subject-matter experts

Our training sessions are engaging, immersive, and interactive because our trainers are people who have hands-on working knowledge and years of experience. Sharing their knowledge, we help you learn through practical insights, sharing real-life scenarios.

Custom learning solutions for organizations 

It is our earnest endeavor to first understand what your organizational needs are – our priority is to offer need-based learning solutions and services.  

Have been trusted by hundreds of participants to date

The trust of our participants is exemplified in the way they refer us to their colleagues, friends, and family. 

Partnered with leading corporates

Our organizational clients are our loyal patrons from the time we have started. These are leaders in their domain, their specific industries. 

Benefit from our resources

As a participant, you can take advantage of the online resources that help in your learning and preparation process.