Terms And Conditions

The Terms & Conditions were updated on 1-July-2020

By paying for a course at our website or registering for a course, it is taken that you have read these Terms & Conditions and have accepted the same. 

This Terms & Conditions is a means to inform you of the different terms and conditions that apply when you register or participate in our courses.

Data Collection and Use Policy

  • The data collection and use policy at AxiGlobe is compliant with GDPR requirements and regulations.
  • We collect personal data of users only when they share the same voluntarily with us, at our website by filling in the Registration Form; over the phone, or via chat or email. 
  • The personal data of the user is used to send updates about courses, for communication with the Certifying Body for exams; and for processing of online payments against course participation.
  • We share the data with third parties only when users consent to appear for exams when they consent to put up their Testimonials on our website or share with government agencies during investigations.
  • By registering for our courses, your email id automatically becomes a part of our mailing list. Email ids collected from our users are used to communicate with them about course details, discounts, and special offers. Users can click on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link to stop receiving such promotional emails from us. They can also update their contact information and choose which emails they wish to receive.
  • Registration for AxiGlobe courses - Users should be informed that we have limited seats for each course. The registration is on a first-come, first basis. While registration, it is the users’ responsibility to offer accurate and complete information.
  • AxiGlobe does not sell or publish or misuse your data in any manner.
  • For more information, kindly refer to AxiGlobe’s Privacy Policy.

We also collect non-personal data of users through cookies. These are information that is stored in your hard-drive and used by us to help deliver a better browsing experience on our website.

AxiGlobe Payment Terms & Conditions

  • Users keen to participate in our training programs and courses need to make 100% payment at the time of registration. 
  • Users can pay via credit or debit cards, or in case of company booking through an approved purchase order.

AxiGlobe Cancellation Policy

In case the user cancels within X days of purchase, the user is entitled to a 100% refund. In case of cancellations done X days before the start of training, the user gets 90% of the paid fees as a refund; and in case of cancellations within X days of the start of the training, 100% is retained. In case the user leaves the training mid-way or is a no-show, there is zero refund of fees. The user needs to email us their intent to cancel in writing through an email to us at support@axiglobe.com

In case the training is canceled by AxiGlobe, there will be a 100% refund for candidates who have purchased the course within X days of canceling the training. For others, the training program shall be rescheduled and the same shall be communicated to the users accordingly.

Please refer to the AxiGlobe – Cancellation & Refund Policy for more details. 

AxiGlobe Intellectual Property Rights

The content on this website is the whole-sole property of AxiGlobe. Users are permitted to use the content from our website only for personal use – copy, print, or download content. Commercial use of the content –copy, publish, display, download, reproduce, distribute, or use for marketing purpose - is illegal and not permitted.

Purchase transactions on the AxiGlobe website 

The purchase transactions conducted on our website will be under the purview of this Terms & Conditions, until and unless specified otherwise. AxiGlobe has the right to decline services to any user or limit the transaction quantity.

AxiGlobe Pricing Policy

The price of the courses mentioned on the AxiGlobe website is the discretion of AxiGlobe. We have the right to update, alter, and change the course fees depending on existing market conditions, trainer’s fees, changes made by the certification body, and other justified reasons. The same can be changed at any point in time, without prior notice. 

Third-party Terms & Conditions

When users use the AxiGlobe website, they may encounter links from third-parties. Clicking on these links to reach a third-party site, browsing or using any product or service at the third-party site is governed completely by the Terms & Conditions of the third-party. AxiGlobe has no liability for any negative experience or damage caused to the user as a result of using the third-party website.

Force Majeure 

Any delay or failure to deliver due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control cannot be counted as the responsibility of AxiGlobe. Such events may include but are not limited to natural catastrophes, an act of God, terrorist activities, war, military and political instability, accidents, inclement weather, strikes, and other such unpredicted events. AxiGlobe will try its best to resume services as per accepted practices, as soon as possible, under such circumstances.